Book Cover (Bible Size)

Posted by Craftip (Jun 11, 2014)

I put the dye in a vat and dipped the leather in it. Although you have to use a lot of dye, I think it will be dyed almost perfectly evenly. This has become the dip-dyed leather. To sustain color, I used some horse oil and made it natural feeling.

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Prepare it using a pattern.


Put a logo on the ear part inside. If you do so later, you will damage the front side of the leather.


Apply the bond to the attaching parts.


Glue the inner leather. Give some pressure by a roller, or such.


Cut off the excess part and try not to damage the front part.


Treat the edge using a plane or file.


Take off the excess of the edge.


Sew the periphery either by hand or a sewing machine.


Dye the edge.


Burnish the edge with gum tragacanth. I used canvas.


Spread the hose oil warming it, and wipe with dried cloth. Then, it's done.

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