Coin and Card Case

Posted by Craftip (Jan 30, 2015)

I made a coin and card case with Hermann Oak Leather. 2.5 mm thick leather is used for the upper side and 1.5 mm for the other parts. Vinymo (polyester filament thread) #1 ecru color was used for stitching. The appealing point is that you can keep cards inside of the case. It also provides feel of security. The case can hold some folded paper money too.

This post is credited to Leather Craft DELSOL.
See the original post in Japanese site.


Cut out the parts.


The edges were finished in following order: 1) Apply TOKONOLE 2) Filing, 3) Apply two coats of EDGE KOTE 4) Apply KOBA WAX (edge wax stick).


Create divider. Tucking down and adhere two sides of the leather. Put marks on where you want to make holes in advance.


Rub wax in thread. The thread is ready when it become stiff.


Use a hole punch to punch holes and pierce them one by one with an awl. You may be able to prevent the holes to become too big by following the procedure. You can work better on a cork or a soft board called Lion Board.


Put on snap fastener. Now you are going to glue all the parts.


It is better to clip the glued parts with grips.


Use an awl to pierce the leather, which should have been done in earlier step. I put marks to decide where to divide the inside beforehand.


Now you will start stitching.


It took a shape when I finish stitching.


Use #180 sanding sponge to make surface of the edges flat.


After sanding the edges, apply TOKONOLE and polish them with canvas. Then sand them again with #400 sandpaper. Apply TOKONOLE again.


Apply two coats of KOBA COTE.


Dry thoroughly and burnish with KOBA WAX (edge wax stick) until getting glossy.


It loos like this when it opens.


It is finished.

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