Middle Wallet Inner Python Custom

Posted by Craftip (Apr 24, 2015)

I didn't take many photos, but hope they will help you.

This post is credited to MUNA.
See the original post in Japanese site.


First make patterns.


Cut off the patterns. After cutting, do some treatment for the back of the leather. 2.0mm of the front leather, 1.5mm of the inner parts, and 3.5mm of the band parts. You will put a python on the front later, so it will be 2.5mm eventually.
As far as the zipper part of the coin case, unplug both ends with eyelet punching of No. 35 and then cut the ends of the circle together.


Do some treatment on the zipper part, draw the stitching line and open the stitching hole.


Apply the adhesive to the zipper and the zipper adhered place and glue together. And sew them together after passing the diamond awl through holes in the zipper.


Do processing the coin pocket parts, and polish the bonding place to level the adhesive-coate


Open the sewing holes after bonding. Use a round awl to make holes at the beginning and the ends, and sew them together.


Disconnect the pull part of the zipper by the nippers, and weave a race after attaching a round ring.


Paste the double-sided tape to the lower portion of the card holder parts. In order to avoid overlaping the tape with the seam allowance, apply it after cutting it 1.5mm width.
After bonding them, make sewing holes and sew them together.
The overlapping portions of the T-cut parts has been combed to reduce the thickness to 0.5mm.
Finish polishing the leather edge which cannot be processed after stitching.


By an eyelet, punch the part of the inner base where the heavy load will be applied. And take out the part that catches your finger to make it easier to pull out bills.
Finish polishing the leather edge which cannot be processed after stitching.


Set a card base and a coin case on the inner base, and sew them together after punching sewing holes.


Put the front leather and python, and apply an adhesive to each after drawing a line on the python.


Cut off the exceeding part after gluing them together.


Glue the upper part of the inner part and cut off the exceeding part.


I totally forgot to take photos, but before gluing the front leather and the inner parts, sew together band parts and put buttons. After that, glue the front leather and the inner parts. Since the width of the inner is 1cm less than the front leather, lift the center of the front leather 3cm up when gluing. Use a round awl to make holes on the beginning and the ends, and sew them together.


Finish the edge and do oil up. Then it's done.

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