Fold wallet

Posted by Craftip (Sep 4, 2015)

My first challenge at making a wallet. I only used scraps of leather. That's why the color is not even. Even though I made this as a practice, I'm very attached to it for all the troubles I had.

This post is credited to kchan.
See the original post in Japanese site.


Cut off the parts.


Put snap fasteners on the coin purse.


Sew it to the inner partition.


Make a card holder part. Dare to let the hole of a scrap leather be seen.


Put a card holder to the inner partition.


Stitch around the edge of the belt, except the part which you sew together with the main body.


Sew the belt on the main body and attach the male part of the snap on the other side.


Sew the inner partition on the main body.


Put a Concho, and polish the edge. Then it's done.

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