Western Holster

Posted by Samandahl (Jul 6, 2017)

Fun little project with an aim towards a Halloween costume.

"I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.I aim with my eye."


Pick out a picture that you like. Trace over it on a tracing vellum.


Trace the design on damp leather.


Using a swivel knife, cut out the design.


Dry fit everything together and drool a little bit, because it's starting to look badass!


Using your favorite stamps, tool the design on the leather.


Pick out the colours you love, and fill in the design.


Tool the rest of the holster any which way that strikes your fancy.


Dye the holster, but keep in mind that you really need to be smarter than the author of this post, and actually BLOCK the design with your choice of dye blocker thingy. I personally prefer Fiebing's Pro Resist these days.

If you don't, it'll end up like mine on this pic, and you'll be swearing up a storm.


Dry fit things again, and realize that the retaining strap looks a bit silly with just the Mandalorian insignia in the centre.


Fill in the details there. Sith Empire FTW!


Dye the strap, and fit everything together again.


After finishing your leather with your choice of finish, add in your hardware, and lace up the holster.


Drool heavily, because now you have a beauty that you made with your own two hands, and 9.5 fingers!

Or is it just me?

Just me, then.

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