Photo Stand using UK Bridle Leather

Posted by Craftip (Oct 17, 2018)

Using a 5 mm thick UK Bridle Leather, I made a photo stand whose base is curled. I am also posting a pen case using the same leather so that the thickness can be recognized again.

This post is credited to モモ.
See the original post in Japanese site.


This work is seen from the front.
Length is 180 cm, height 130 cm and width about 2 cm.
The thickness of the leather is about 6 mm.
After cutting the leather, moisten the leather with water and curl in the meantime. After drying it to some extent, bond with adhesives. There is a 2 mm thick flesh side leather sandwiched between them.


Because they were bonded with only an adhesive, I was holding down the entire leather with my fingers for about 10 minutes or so.
The edge of the flesh side leather in the center part is painted the same shade of dark brown on both sides.


I am creating acrylic boards to sandwich a picture between them.
There will be a difference in the quality of the photo stand depending on whether there are acrylic boards or not.


It is a pen stand using the same UK Bridle Leather.
The thickness of leather is amazing.

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