Key Cover Cap Kit

Posted by (Dec 24, 2019)

Your usual keys will become charming leather items once you cover these caps over them.
Since you can make them easily by sticking two pieces of leather together, it will be easier to identify each key if you make a different color and patterned ones.


Give some arrangement to the leather by stamping or such as you like.


By using rubber stamps and leather ink, you can arrange your leather simply.


Treat the backside of the leather using backside finishing agent.


Paste the leather bond on the leather except the key mouth part and the upper narrow part (a notch).
(Glue only the part you stitch together later.)


Carefully glue the leather not to slip off, and apply pressure.


Once the bond becomes totally dry, treat the edges.


Then sew the leather by sewing machine or hand.


After straightening the shape, insert your keys. That's it.

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