Hair Elastic Kit <Ortega Pattern>

Posted by (May 11, 2020)

Hair tie kit with native ortega pattern stamp on real leather parts.


Prepare two circle shape leather pieces of 3.5 centimeter in diameter and 20 centimeter long elastic string.
On one leather piece, punch two holes that the elastic can go through.

In this project, we show you how to make with "Hair Tie Kit (Ortega Pattern)".


Use Abrasive Sticks to damage flesh side of leather to strengthen adhesion, (You can skip this step, if you sew or stitch with lace on the outer edge.)


Pass through elastic and tie. It is best to tie small knot for nice finish.


Paste together with leather glue.



Adhere firmly with Leather Craft Roller or Hand Crimper Wide.


Apply finishing agent on edge for better finish.


You can enjoy customizing as you like by sewing or lace stitching the outer edge.

The right side of the image was sewn using a VINYMO <MBT> Polyester Machine Thread (thickness: # 5, color: 14).
The left side of the image is using a 2 mm wide white lace (thickness : 0.8 mm).



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